Friday, February 6, 2009

About me

I am so confused .... I wonder wat i m ....

Whether it is facebook, orkut, my space or any other portal ..I just can't fill anything in "About me" section .... I tried .. I was like " lemme see wat others think of me " some of my friends said that i am very friendly and some said i am full of attitude .....Some said i am funny and some thought i am very serious kinda girl ..... One of my friend was like " u make others comfortable" and one said "U take a hell lot of time to Open up"
Well didn't help me ... But i was kindda happy that i am not same all the time ..I know when to show attitude and when to stop ..... Thank God , there is one beautiful girl who has brains too ;)


  1. nice thought process,esp."one beautiful girl who has brains too"....I think thats it,this is the precise description "about me":)

  2. u are a darling all i can say ...

    welcome to the loggers world lubs ...

  3. @onthewingsofadream....Well i forgot to add , " some said i am a DARLING, SWEETHEART, SUGAR etc etc.. Ufff yeh Fans ..;)