Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My brother Subhash

It was April 1 ..... it was pretty boring at office and then an idea clicked in my mind ... I picked up the phone at my desk and called the guy who was busy doing some programming .... I changed my voice and said " Can i speak to Mr. Subhash Kasturi ".. He said " Speaking" ... With full attitude i told him that i am rep. calling from standard charteded bank and he owes Rs 60000 to the bank ... I told him that i am waiting at his office reception for the check .. I dropped the phone and started noticing him ...The poor guy took out the check from his Bag and started walking towards reception ... That is my brother Subhash....

He has been target of most of my pranks....I remember he used to work hard for his MBA exam ...he knows almost all the words in English Dictionary... One day we were just talking at coffee break and i used the word " Awain " ... ( Punjaabi word which means Just like that or without any reason) ... It was a new word for him so he asked me wat that means .. I told him it is an English word and obviously supported it with making a face " Don't believe U don't know this" .. I continued my acting and he just kept quiet ... well i told all my colleagues to join me in the mission so everyone behaved as if it was a simple english word.... I cant forget his face .." How cum i don know this " .... He went back to his seat and started googling the word .. That is my brother subhash....

If u think this guy is not brave , U r wrong .... He does not get scared at all .... The other day i was telling him the story where i scared the old man at the graveyard and he didn't get scrared at all ...he did not close the balconi door and neither did he ask me to stop singing .... That is my brother Subhash ;)

Well he is the one i trust , he is one who is always there for me . I am so proud of him ....He is the most intelligent guy i have ever met , I started my career as his subordinate and i am glad that i got a mentor like him .... He is great teacher and a wonderful person .... That is my brother Subhash!!

As i said , he is always there for me .... He is the one who is going to arrange a dinner with Salman Khan ..How ?? We have a plan in place .. he is gonna fly to Mumbai and lie down in front of Salman's car and ask him for a dinner . If that does not work he will go with a rope wrapped around his neck and will try to hang himself .. I have already arranged a bottle of poison too ...Well if u have more ideas , please feel free to share .... Now who on this earth will do this for a sister ........That is my brother Subhash .....


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  2. Who is Subhash? He sounds someone like me. :)

    The last part is suicidal. Koi toh isse samjhao ki Salman abhi woh charming boy na raha... rather he is a grandpa these days.

    Someone save my life...SOS!!

  3. One Lucky Brother,have fun......all pranks are treasures to keep whole of life,enjoy this time:)

  4. Poor guy this Subhash! And he's arranging for a date with Uncle Salman? I think he's getting back at you for all the pranks you played on him :)

  5. @Rakesh ....this is the funniest thing i have ever heard ..:) ....U gotta great sense of humour :) .

  6. Can i get ya bro's phone no??? Cuz i have a debt of 20000... have 2 clear... lolzzz...

  7. lol

    great post

    You have a great brother
    and he has a wonderful sister

  8. Good he puts up with all this, it is hard to find such people these days ...

    The title sounded like "My Brother Nikhil" ...