Friday, January 30, 2009

Terms and conditions

It z a different feeling when your parents think that you are good enough to choose a partner for you and they want you to go for a love marriage .It z rocking but it z difficult..They want you to fall in love with a person who z smart, earning enough , should be from the same religion ( in some cases should be from the same caste) and should b from the same industry , decent enough to talk bla bla bla.... How impossible z that???It z a big list but you need follow it like anything , you cannot even afford to miss one of the points...I have been watching all this from long time now..couple of my friends are going through all this ..Poor girls!! , they will do all the work for their parents and in the end they will get a tag of " Love marriage"... I suppose i can never understand this ..

I have a friend who is married for two years now...She also comes under same tag " Love marriage". Before actually accepting proposal from her hubby , she considered all the factors. " Is the guy good enough to get married, how many siblings etc." I am probably confused, i would never call it as a Love marriage

What if you fall in love with a person who is from different religion/caste etc?? Well in that case you need to end it right away because you are not good enough to choose a partner and if that person is fulfilling the criteria’s set by your parents/society, u become a lovely and a fantastic child ... May be I m failing to understand the better side of it...Am i the only one suffering??

Nobility of Sacrifice is better than Happiness of Rebellion ...This is wat makes all the difference ....happiness in your family is worth thousands of sacrifices.But y to break a heart to make your family happy?? Don't we deserve a world where all these boundaries wouldn't matter...Who is going to start ?? Probably those who have suffered. "It happened with us , it shouldn't happen with our kids" ..but i could forsee people of our generation shouting at their kids and saying " Should be from different sex " ....

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Yes ,Some things in this world would never change ......................