Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poor me :)

Finally , some time for bloggin .. Finally sometime for myself ..

Like my friend Preeti , I have been longing for a date with myself :)

I have been living on the edge .... First thing i say after i get up is " Run Lubna Run " ... I start running as soon as i wake up .. Unfortunately i have these morning meetings on my schedule which start at 9.00 am ( yeah that is early in my world ) ..

Somehow i manage to brush my teeth/shower and start getting ready ... Exactly at 9.00am my cell rings ... These guys are so punctual Ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff !!
Multi-tasking ... I talk to my team and curl my hair at the same time .... By the time call finishes i am done with curling , make up , packing of my laptop .... It is already 9.30 and next meeting starts at 10 .00 ....

Run Lubna Run ....

I have these chocolate boxes in my car .. My friend Gayatri calls it "Breakfast" ... So while driving i have my breakfast and by the time i reach office it is already 9.55 am .... I speed everyday to achieve this ... 70 miles/hr on 40 miles limit lol

Reaching office at 10.00 makes me feel as if i have achieved everything in life ... and then starts my day at office .... :( ..After every hour, i go to coffee machine to take some freshly brewed coffee and keep on sipping while i am workin ... I doubt if there is any blood left in my body .. Coffee might have replaced it by now.. ;)

My day at office finishes at 6 pm and by the time i reach home it is 7 pm ... I look for all the left overs in fridge and finish them ... Sometimes i am so hungry that i don even microwave them .. I take all the food to my bed room and switch on the T.V .. I am such a news freak .... I can live without oxygen but wont survive without CNN .... i chk my emails , listen to news , return calls ... and then rush to kichen ..

Cooking , eating and back to my laptop .... Ufff ... and by the time i finish my work it is already 1 am ... and then i would call my team back in India and assign them a good amount of work which should be completed before i get up ... yeah i know they hate me :(

OMG it is ..Time to brush my teeth , cleanse my face and pop in some pills ...... i look at watch and it is already 3 .... ha ha ha ... Run Lubna Run .. you have a meeting at 9.00 am .... lol ... and the worst part is even if i go to bed at 3.00 i won't sleep at 3.00am …. I would just lie on bed but not close my eyes ..and after every half an hour I would look at watch and count # of hours left …..

So this is my schedule ... Is there any scope of fitting a BF or a husband in this schedule???? ..... Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!

Now who on this earth can explain it to my Mom ..... My mom is such a sweetheart that she will never ask or bother me directly ... She talks to my friends and makes them so emotional that they are almost in tears when they call me My sister and Brother in law do this too ….

Yesterday my sister called up and asked that i should give them a time frame ..... lol .... They desperately want to hear that i have found someone so that they can relax ... I hate to hurt them but i can't help them at the same time .... lol ...tricky situation but i have a solution for everything

Here is the plan .. I am gonna call my sister and tell her that i found the guy and we ll get engaged in one year ...

This is not so simple , I need to decide on the name , Surname , some pictures from Internet , some work in photoshop .... some fake weekend plans ....

OMG ... i need to achieve this in one week ..... Run Lubna Run .......................