Monday, February 16, 2009

List is not long

I have been thinking and i came up with a small list of things i wanna do before i die me itz not long..

I want dogs to speak…
I want to fly…
I want a ride on a dragon….
I want one date with Salman Khan...
I want to travel around the world in 79 days....
I want my loved ones to always be happy...
I want to be the first to make any contact with aliens....
I want to have thousand kids...
I want to beat Serena wiliams once
I want to play in Men's cricket team..
I want to demolish gravity….
I want to be invisible….. ...
I want all the mango trees in the world in my backyard…...
I want a backyard….
I want to pass a law against birds shitting on people’s heads….
I want to erase my shadow……
I want to make crying illegal…
I want a pyramid built for me when i die...
I want to turn the Pacific Ocean into my private Jacuzzi...
I want a genie….
I want to get hungry after i eat..
I want to dance till eternity…..
I want to make people smile more often..…..
I want to scale Eiffel tower with Spiderman….
I want to build a black Taj mahal …
I want to be able to help everyone....
I want to see everything before I die…..
i want to know what 'everything' is...

That is not all . I want my dream wedding to be a reality .I want to sit on a white horse , I want all my Girl friends to dance till we reach groom's place , i want all the guys at groom's place to receive us ... I want groom to cry when he leaves his home ... I want Grooms parents to sing " Baabul ke dua leta jaa" ... I guess i should stop here... ;)

Enough Dreaming Lubna ..get back to work :-(


  1. lol ...only you can come up with such list ..nice pic ..::-)

  2. Phew... I suggest, you start working on this list right now, or maybe you thought you're going to live for a 1000 years :)

  3. @Rakesh ....well i am planning to adopt 998 i m safe :)

  4. OOOO my gosh............. I bless you for you crazy wishes.....

  5. Wow....may god fulfill ur dreams..but atleast let me assist u in fulfilling some dreams in reality ;-)

    make dogs speak-use a animation film
    fly- use a aeroplane
    ride a dragon-go to china
    date with salman khan- be in friends with Katrina.
    travel around the world in 79 days-get urself a baloon ride...
    make ur loved ones happy- keep ur self happy
    first to contact aliens-be a astronaut
    wanna have thousand kids- open a orphanage
    wanna beat serena williams- bribe her a lumpsome amount.
    wanna play in men's cricket- sponser a team in IPL
    wanna be invisible- get underground with underground dons.
    make crying illegal- persuade obama
    wanna have a pyramid bulit for u- marry a rich body have dat much money in credit crisis.
    want a genie-find alladin ka chirag
    wanna get hungry after ur eat- learn to eat ur hunger.
    wanna make people smile- smile for them. be a laughter champion.
    wanna build black taj mahal- again possible only when u marry a rich sheikh.
    wanna be able to help everyone- may god bless u with enough of courage.
    wanna see everything before u die- open ur third eye.. watever u'll see dere, u'll forget watever u have seen with ur two eyes.
    wanna know what everything is- 'mortal '

    let me leave ur last dream...thats something extraordinary...

    Plz Note: All contents of this comment have no relation to anybody living or dead. They have been used merely for entertainment purpose.

  6. awesome,immagination has no boundaries,you just need one more thing,an eye with xrays power :)

  7. If there is anyone who can get these wishes turn into realities it can only be lubna. Who else can make the unbelievable happen? Who can manage to check-in half an hour before the departure but still manage to miss the flight? Who can think of ways to have 1000kids? May your wishes come true (who doesnt want shitting birds to be punished or have a new pyramid in heart of srinagar?)... though i know it is suicidal for me. (Salman... Grrr!!!)

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  9. well get ur facts right :) I checked in an hour before the flight ..... U don know is fun missin ur flight .... I am having a great time at airport ;)

  10. my name is salman khan!! ;) lollzzz

  11. Hoho Haha ... you really have some crazy ideas .. But some of your I wants (rather all) can be fulfilled ...

    Best is the last bit ... I want all my Girl friends to dance till we reach groom's place , i want all the guys at groom's place to receive us ... I want groom to cry when he leaves his home ... and seems to me the most unlikely to happen in India ..

  12. Not all but most of them remind me of one word.....Crazy!!!!

    Smiles :)

    Go and watch DasVidaniyan....