Friday, December 18, 2009

The ‘Lucky Chinese’ Tag

Oh Man …. Here I am~ back to blogs after a long long time … Thanks to Rakesh for an accidental Tag …. Lol … I can make this thing pretty boring …. Trust me …

8 TV shows I like to watch:
1. AC360 ( I am an addict ..)
2. Larry King Live
3. Everybody loves Raymond ( I am crazy …. I love Robbie )
4. Seinfield ( Sometimes )
5. Friends (sometimes)
6. Gray’s Anatomy ( Yes i think Patrick Dempsey is HAUUUUUUUUUT)
7 .Aap kee Antara( New show on TV , My uncle aunty said it is cool and I started watching it)
8. Hindi news.
8 favourite places to eat (and drink)
1. Red Lobster .. Wood fire grilled Shrimps , scallops and Lobster ...Love it
2. I would say Chipotle
3. Applebees ,TGIF
4. A place called Mithas .. Best paani puri place
5. Nanking at Time Square …
6 . Thai food place near work
7 . Biryaani house . The best place to buy Biryaani ..Ambience Sucks….
8. Gyro Stall on 51st street NY … The best place to have Gyro’s ..Highly recommended but need to stand in que for atleast 30 minutes .
8 things I look forward to
1. A trip to kashmir … Mammma here I come ..
2. No shocks in 2010 . Please God !!
3. A girls trip to canada… I have been waiting 4ever now but this year we ll make it ….. Me and ma girls …yay
4. Ice skating at Rockefeller on christmas … I need to practice more and more … Don’t wanna fall down and make a fool out of me :)
5. To set some things right for me . Ohh That would be the happiest day of my life if I could gather some courage and speak for myslef . Please please Please God !!!
6. To spend some days with my kids ( My nieces and nephews) without their parents around .. I wanna spoil them like crazy …. I love it when they say We Love LUBNA Maama....
7. To do some certifications and PMP… P.S I am not a dork
8. Ohhh why doesn’t he attend any party at work ..I always keep my camera ready and he never shows up … I have been dying to capture him in my camera ….. Mr XYZ ~doesn’t matter if he is 56 ..he is still HAUUUUUTTT ….. and should I add that he should stop calling us kids …. Damn !!!
8 things that happened yesterday
1. Woke up and ran to work
2. Spoke to my best friend
3. Did some work at office
4. Ignored two guys at work …. As a girl I have to admit that desis are anytime better . They wouldn’t dare and ask you for a a date again and again but these GoRa’s would make ur life miserable .
5. Had a fun lunch with my girl friends . We laughed non –stop . Ha ha ha …
6. Took a nap at work …. Yeah I have a blanket in my office and I do it once in a while …..
7 . Left office early and made egg curry at home . P.S my friends say that I m the best cook ever .
8 . Watched A debate on Climate change till 2.20 am … I know I know I am crazy …
8 things I love about winter
1. Snow , I love when it snows .. It takes me back to my childhood days . I like sitting near window and sipping on coffee when it is snowing outside .

2. Awww what can be more beautiful than a white christmas .. Christmas tree , Sparkling neighbourhood , Santa clause , secret gifts . and loads of snow ..
3. Holiday season …. Less work at office . People wishing and greeting each other .
4. I love working from home ….. Lying on ur bed , you are watching TV , accessing Facebook and working at the same time …. Yes , our facility closes if there is heavy snow .
5 . I don’t know for some strange reason I think people look beautiful in winters …. Atleast I do ;)
6 . You enjoy tea, coffee , kababs , Maggi and movies ….. Trust me life is all about food and entertainment ….
7. You can survive without taking a shower ………. It happens only in winters ;)
8. You save on Manicure and pedicure …. ;)
8 things on my wishlist
Oh God , here is my wish list . Try granting me # 1 but if you cant for some reason , keep going down the list ..
1. To marry and have a family with Salman Khan ..10 kids
2. Okay if not 10 kids , I can manage with 2
3. If not kids , I can just be married to him
4 . Okay no marriage , can I date him
5 . If no dating , Can I get his autograph .
6 . Remember you are GOD , go back to # 1 wish
7 . I can still be happy with # 2
8 On a serious note , Oh God , Please keep my family happy and healthy.
8 things I am passionate about
1. Driving
2. Adventures like sky diving , Scuba diving
3. Work
4. Sports
5. News
6. Cooking
7 . Helping people
8.Loving people
8 words or phrases I use often
1. Sorry …
2. Oh Mannnnnnn
3. Jigar ke tukde … all kids are jigar ke tukde and anything I like is Jigar ka Tukda .
4. Inshallah .. I use that a lot ….. Even in meetings J
5. Girdhar Gopal .. If we have a crush on any person , we call him Girdhar Gopal … It goes like “ Mere to Girdhar gopal , doosro na koi ”
6. hello … I do get lots of phone calls
7. Aaye haye :)
8 . Salman … How can I not take his name at least 100 times a day
8 things I learnt from the past
1. Awwww …. Even if some people say “ I LOVE U “ they don’t mean it ……
2. Stay away from people who suffer with a disease called inferiority complex . They can make your life miserable ~ no matter how much u love them
3. People make mistakes and it is not necessarily their fault .
4 . Do not trust a person who betrayed you once .
5. People say “Forgive but don’t forget” . I believe in “forgetting but not forgiving .”
6. One moment can change your life . Good or bad .
7. Having enough patience and strength can be bad for you at times
8. There are always some people who love you for wat u r …. no matter wat …..
8 places I would love to go, visit or see
1. BANDRA ( for obvious reasons)
2. Egypt
3. African Safari
4 . Drive around Europe
5. Bahamas ( it is better in the bahamas)
6 . Kashmir …..
7 . Mexico
8 . Middle east
8 things I currently need or want
1. I need some comforters and mattresses . I am expecting 5-6 guests on christmas … Damn I better go shop
2. Vacuum cleaner … My Damn Hoover stopped working
3. Hoover for my car …..
4 . Christmas lights …yeah need to put some lights outside … I am expecting some from secret santa though .
5. Hair straightener … That reminds me that I need to send that straightener back to company ..It cracked and I spent like $120 on that …. DAMNNNNNN
6. Vitamin E oil …. I need this so bad ….. winter time ….. Moisturisers and body butter doesn’t help .
7. Boots …. I don’t need these but I want these ….Anyone interest in gifting me one on Christmas ..please volunteer
8 . Hair cut …. I need one
And I need to tag 8 people…
The first 8 people to leave a comment are tagged. No, seriously. I’ll add your names to this post once you comment !


  1. Aye Haye !!! Look who's here and that too with a wishlist :) Family shamily with Salman... and then this 56 year old... I guess, Salman is also around the same age, no? :P

    Sky diving and scuba diving... hmm pretty interesting... Now put this together in a cv and send it to your mom so she can look for prospective grooms :D

  2. @Rakesh ...I guess the Number 8 tag is really lucky because i got some pics of Mr. 56 years old .... About salman's age dont expect me to comment ...Dil da Maamla hai ..... :)

    Aaye haye is Supposed to be my phrase .... Copyright ...... U r so SUED .... kidding

  3. looks like its only the two of us. What's the point of this blog then? You could've actually emailed me this tag :P